Yoshiwaku Mushotoku (version française)

A vaguely humanoid sound generator or a kind of shamanoiser ?

It's a solo project focus on electronic improvised music... He's an unclassable music performer, who opens up sound spaces so that your mind can escape through...
Always looking for unexplored territories, even if you can sometimes link his music to the styles : Post-Industrial, Power electronics, Noise, ElectroPunk, Experimental electro, Drone, Darkwave, Dark ambient, DarkJazz, Post-Rock ...

Lately released in OresteS album Synchronicity, the set "Synchronicity or Breathing" was performed live by Yoshiwaku in concert the 8th octobre 2016 at the Catering Café in Héricourt and the 14th October 2017 at the Blast Frustration Festival of Nancy. Indeed Yoshiwaku is also the last mutation of "OresteS", which was known as "TKno BeurK" in the beginning in 1998.
This is a long mutations story...

You can find few unreleased surprises in Yoshiwaku Youtube Channel like this one :

Sample from Yoshiwaku Channel from ed end on Vimeo.

Yoshiwaku is member of the noise supergroupe K/W/A/Y. He's member of the plunderphonic collective without head Vivid Tribe Of Psychics.
He's also member of the anarcho-post-situationist band La 6ème République.


One of Yoshiwaku reason to live is to push the limits of what is called music, but don't get me wrong, he does it unintentionally.

More or less frequent or occasional collaborations with
on Nomenclature Générale : ardleg & KHAOMAN
on Tikkun Olam : LIM
on Démantelée & ABRAXAS :
on Tune On The Silver Globe : MARUDA
on Qutub : EON
on Cars Apocalypse : EF / PIRATE Tapes
on Dawn of the Damned : Gabriel Pereira Spurr

Discography (All in free download) :


Best Of
Unsafe Territory
Insane Territory

Unsound Territory

Shadow Of Fire
Cars Apocalypse
23 DarkJazz DubStep Greats
No Escape Game
World of Tears
This World Is Only In Your Head
Back To The Tape
Live int the Ramparts de Dole
Prison Kiosk

Brain Driller
Half Blood

Vakra Ragas
Cutting Edge
Hendrix / Stream
Instant Amok
Exercice De Style

Compilations participation :
Necktar 2017
Cheap and Plastic de Hal Mc Gee / Blasts! de (No Records) Camembert électrique / BAEL300 de Throne of Baël / NOISE AGAINST NAZISM de THE HILLS ARE DEAD

Split EP with Yaka-Anima : Strange Pearls

Distributed by the netlabel Le Colibri Nécrophile & Ton doigt dans mon Cul & Cian Orbe Netlabel under license Creative Commons.
All the album are in free share, even Shadow of Fire & Dawn of the Damned are available in DIY cassette audio tapes here and here.
You can support Yoshiwaku by sharing his music, making donations, or coming to his concerts. To contact him, book him, invite him to participate in compilations, make soundtracks, interview, pick mushrooms with him in the forest, and more and more : colibri.necrophile@gmail.com

Latest informations on https://ello.co/ed_end